Training Classes

Building relationships that last a Lifetime

Does your dog lack recall? 

Are you embarrassed to take them out for walk due to their behaviour?

Would you like to find walks joyful again, rather then them being an extreme sport?

Is your Loveable Rogue reactive on walks?

Have you just got your first ever puppy and unsure of what to do next?

Then you're in the right place!


What you do today can change all your tomorrows!

The Norfolk Canine Companion Scheme

Here at Aylsham Dog Training, we have founded the Norfolk Canine Companion Scheme, to help improve life for both owners and dogs alike. We have a variety of supportive and effective options to fit around your struggles and goals.

Dog Club

Training is something you do with your dog throughout their life, not something you do to your dog.

Aylsham Dog Training encourages owners not just to tick the box of attending a puppy class.

Therefore, once you have completed The Basics course or Loveable Rogue Reactivity Strategies you can slide straight into Dog Club! This is a weekly class where we continue to learn and develop together, fine-tune and proof behaviours as well as working on any new struggles that appear. 

We will work through graded levels, as well as covering topics that owners request. As owners and trainers of Loveable Rogues, we are very aware that proactive and preventative dog training is a much easier, and less stressful & emotional journey than reactive training once issues occur! 

Through attending weekly classes it will make dog ownership a 'walk in the park' and you the envy of your local dog-owning community! Walks will be stress-free, home life will be calm, and we will have you grow your dog of a lifetime! 

Rally Obedience

"Exercises are based on the practical skills that help our dogs behave well in public and in private"

Last, but certainly not least! - Rally Obedience. This is a fun, low impact dog sport open to all. Not only does it teach practical transferable skills but helps build the bond between you and your canine companion. Rally-O is a cross between obedience and an agility type course. Teams (dog & handler) perform practical exercises (stations) set out in a numbered course. With 93 different exercises, six levels of challenge and an infinite combination of stations, Talking Dogs Rally® will keep you and your dog busy for years to come.

We are one of two training schools in Norfolk to offer Rally Obedience. We feel it is the perfect dog sport for Loveable Rogues to take part in. The classes are safe, controlled and on lead creating a stress-free environment. All the instructors at Aylsham Dog Training have fallen in love with Rally Obedience. 


The Basics

For Puppies & Beginners 

6 Week Courses on a Monday evening, Friday morning & Saturday morning

Start your training journey with The Basics. This is the first step in creating that dog that can accompany you for a coffee date or a long weekend walk with ease. In these classes you will learn how the training methods we use work, get helpful advice about those niggly struggles and start to develop your new addition into your dog of a lifetime!

If your hands are covered in scratches, you're pulling your hair out during the 'witching hour' or you just want to learn how to have 5 minutes peace then these classes are your answer! Our classes are so much more than a traditional Sit, Stay and Play training group. Get inside your dog and find out why, what, when and where!

You will receive a starter pack during your first session. This will include a Kong, healthy dog treats, treat pouch, clicker, training book and poo bags! We are committed to setting both dogs and their owners up for success. By giving you the equipment you need, the tools you require and constant support when you're not in class, we're sure you and your dog will want a lifetime of fun and training with Aylsham Dog Training. We have a closed Facebook group solely for members of Aylsham Dog Training. In here you'll find constant support; training tips, guides and videos; challenges and more!  

Loveable Rogue

Reactivity Strategies

Aylsham Dog Training is the home of the "Loveable Rogues" and we understand just how isolating and stressful it can be to be an owner of these special dogs (we are all owners of them ourselves!) We do not turn ANY owners away at Aylsham Dog Training due to behavioural issues, in fact we actively encourage you to come along and learn more about the behavioural science behind your dogs behaviour. 

During this course you will learn how to manage the reactivity you dog displays, techniques to help your dog cope with the world it is living in and also how to manage your own stress and unconscious reactions.