A Little About Myself

My name is Rebecca Littler and I run Aylsham Dog Training. I have had a passion for dogs for as long as I can remember; I currently have a Show Cocker Spaniel,  a German Shepherd x Malamute and a Working Cocker Spaniel which take up a lot of my time! 

The reason I got into training was because of my German Shepherd - Shay! He is the original Loveable Rogue and he certainly hasn't been an easy ride! I was adamant he was the dog for me and that I needed to transform into the owner for him. I had to learn, change and develop alongside Shay which has, in turn, led me to where I am today! If I can help just one family change their mind about rehoming a dog due to behavioural struggles then I will achieve my dream. 

I still invest a lot of my time and money into keeping up to date with modern training methods, behavioural studying and career development to ensure I am providing the best service I can. I started by completing a Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma. I then completed the Pro Dog Trainer course through AbsoluteDogs. Recently, I have attended numerous seminars and practical courses through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and passed their assessment with Distinction in July 2019. I have also qualified to be a Dog Training College 'Approved Instructor'. I try to continually develop my knowledge and skills, and I am currently studying towards my accreditation with the Gundog Trainers Academy. Just like I say to my students - learning is never done!  I always knew office work wasn't for me and I feel incredibly lucky to be working, living and breathing within my passion today. 

Aylsham Dog Training is the home of the Lovable Rogue and is one of the few training centers in North Norfolk that openly welcomes and invites dogs and owners with behavioural struggles! We use modern, positive-reward based training methods to achieve real-life results. We are not just your average dog business! Just like our walks, the training is no walk in the park. Loveable Rogue training is simple but not always easy! Whereas our walking is pain-free and easy for the owners, but not always simple for our walkers! We like to pride our selves on being a premium service and you won’t find us doing laps in any recreational grounds in the area!

Meet The Team

Get to Know Us

Abbie Fisher


Trainee Instructor

I have loved dogs from as long as I can remember. There are numerous pictures of me in the cot with our family dogs. As long as I can remember I have had a dog nearby me somewhere. 


As a family we have four Labrador’s one black and three yellow. One of which is a Mum to the two little ones.  I have always had an interest in dogs and love playing and walking them. During this year our youngest dog gave birth to nine adorable Labrador puppies. 


This year I have enjoyed looking after them and helping them to become nine adorable puppies. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I enjoyed this so much that I thought I would look into becoming a dog trainer. I have recently started doing a few courses to help me with this which I have enjoyed getting stuck into.  


In the past few years I have heard of many people who just can’t manage their dogs and I like the idea of being able to help people with their dogs teaching them some simple ways to help them out so that their dogs can be a joy to be around and not a stress. I love all sorts of dogs no matter what they get up to, especially if they are Loveable Rogues!


Kirsty Moy


My name’s Kirsty and this is my dog Ned.


Ned is the first dog we have owned as a family although I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire life. With two young children it was important we chose the right dog to fit in with our crazy life. Training Ned (with the help of ADT) from an 8 week old puppy has been so rewarding and I’m proud of the lovely dog he’s become.

Growing up on a farm I’ve had experience with all kinds of dogs from Lurchers to jack russels. My absolute favourites are border collies though. Their intelligence never fails to amaze me.


Yusra Khan

Trainee Instructor

Here is my dog, Boston! He is an English Bull Terrier x (the RSPCA weren’t sure of his exact breed!) and it was love at first sight.


Before bringing Boston home, I spent months reading, watching videos, and asking people for advice. However, no amount of reading could have prepared me for the challenges we faced with Boston. The thought of a dog being terrified of walks, and being unsure of his food, had simply never crossed my mind.


The reason I have taken a big step towards becoming a dog trainer is due to the enjoyment I experienced when I began to see progress with Boston, and as his confidence grew, so did mine. I learnt quickly that as well as training Boston, I had to train myself. Completing a training programme with Aylsham Dog Training was all the evidence anyone ever needed, to show that a dog who had spent half his life in kennels, who was terrified of everything, could overcome this, with time and patience, and could thrive and live a fulfilled life.

Having worked with the homeless for 5 years, I have witnessed the unconditional love dogs give their owners. Rescuing Boston has been no walk in the park, but I hope his story can encourage people to invest time in training and to enjoy it too!