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A Little About Myself

Becca, Kirsty, Becky, Abbie & Kim welcome you to Aylsham Dog Training!


Aylsham Dog Training was established in 2017 by Becca and has continued to grow ever since! Becca has had a passion for dogs for as long as she can remember as her knowledge and love for training began to grow when she got Shay - a German Shepherd x Malamute, the original Loveable Rogue!

We do a lot of work with dog-dog reactivity because of Shay! As well as another passion that we share as a group; between us we have 3 labradors and 3 spaniels and cannot get enough of gundog training.


We LOVE these breeds, as does the rest of the UK! It's no surprise that the Labrador and Cocker Spaniel both featured in the top 3 breeds with the Kennel Club last year!


As such, whether you want a pet you can take anywhere, or a dog you want to get involved in activities with, our training focuses on giving these working breeds an appropriate and controlled outlet for their natural instincts in a rewarding and fun way, which includes teaching the dogs boundaries and an understanding of appropriate behaviour.

Meet The Team

Get to Know Us


Kirsty Moy


My name’s Kirsty and this is my dog Ned.


Ned is the first dog we have owned as a family although I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire life. With two young children it was important we chose the right dog to fit in with our crazy life. Training Ned (with the help of ADT) from an 8 week old puppy has been so rewarding and I’m proud of the lovely dog he’s become.

Growing up on a farm I’ve had experience with all kinds of dogs from Lurchers to jack russels. My absolute favourites are border collies though. Their intelligence never fails to amaze me.


Abbie Fisher


I have loved dogs from as long as I can remember. There are numerous pictures of me in the cot with our family dogs. As long as I can remember I have had a dog nearby me somewhere. 


As a family we have four Labrador’s one black and three yellow. One of which is a Mum to the two little ones.  I have always had an interest in dogs and love playing and walking them. During this year our youngest dog gave birth to nine adorable Labrador puppies. 


This year I have enjoyed looking after them and helping them to become nine adorable puppies. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I enjoyed this so much that I thought I would look into becoming a dog trainer. I have recently started doing a few courses to help me with this which I have enjoyed getting stuck into.  


In the past few years I have heard of many people who just can’t manage their dogs and I like the idea of being able to help people with their dogs teaching them some simple ways to help them out so that their dogs can be a joy to be around and not a stress. I love all sorts of dogs no matter what they get up to, especially if they are Loveable Rogues!


becky Dawson-tuck


I'm Becky and I have loved all animals, especially dogs, all my life. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a spaniel, specifically a liver and white spaniel, which I could train to work.

Last year my dream came true and I welcomed Rosco, my sprocker, into my life. With the help of Becca (ADT), I am enjoying every second of teaching him skills for his working life and building his confidence. Nothing gives me more pleasure than achieving a new goal together.

Photo featuring Vinnie (the funniest dog ever) and Maggie the black lab!


Kim Layzell


I’m Kim and these are my three rescue dogs.


Millie my lab, who is sadly no longer with us, was such a lovely dog, although she was still a cheeky girl at times.    Sid and Susie have been a completely different experience over the years, but they are great dogs and love life.


I used to run a dog training business in Hertfordshire but gave it up when I moved to Norfolk just over two years ago.   I feel very lucky to be living in Aylsham with so many walks and beaches nearby.  


I continue to learn about dogs, and I am a certified SA Pro Trainer and can help you through the challenge of having a dog with separation anxiety, and if you have a Romanian rescue I’m also a graduate of the Romanian Rescue Pro's UK Program.


I’m excited to be supporting Rebecca and Aylsham Dog Training.

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