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1-2-1 Training

Loveable Rogue; noun: A dog that reacts, barks, lunges, escapes, is noisy but is also the most lovable, kind hearted and gentle dog underneath the harsh exterior. 

If you want to understand your dog, help them through their struggles and build the most amazing bond with your dog then we are the experts for you! Here at Aylsham Dog Training, we have built our training to help improve life for both owners and dogs alike. We have a variety of supportive and effective options to fit around your struggles and goals, including convenient and bespoke 1-2-1 training combined with the supportive community feel of group training. 

Being owners of Loveable Rogues at Aylsham Dog Training, some people think that it doesn't put us in a position to help others. However, we think the exact opposite! We know that at times it can be isolating or embarrassing owning a Loveable Rogue. We know how frustrating it is when you're trying your best to control the situation but there's always 'that' owner who's dog "Just wants to say Hello!!". We know that your dog doesn't have an aggressive bone it it's body, and that it's probably just super scared of the environment around it! We know that some walks end with tears. 

However... we also know how to completely transform lives for both dog and owner! 


1-2-1 Training Session


These sessions are perfect for any owners wanting to work on struggles such as lead walking, recall, pet gundog training or just general training progression. They are not suitable for reactivity, or any other behavioural struggles.  Sessions are an hour long. *

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