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Cancellation Policy

Please ensure your dog is wearing a flat collar with ID tag and lead – please avoid the use of prong collars and extendable leads. Leads, harnesses and halti’s (head collars) may be used. On arrival please keep your dogs safely inside the vehicle. There may be classes on before yours so please check there are no on-going classes before entering the school. Please try to avoid talking when the trainers are explaining exercises or giving out information. On some occasions you will be working in separate groups so please be aware of what is going on around you. If your dog has been ill in the 24 hours preceding the class, or comes into season,then please keep them away for that session and seek veterinary advice if you are uncertain of what to do. If for any reason you do have to miss a class we will ensure that you are able to catch up at the next lesson. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given for missed classes or course cancellations. However, I will always try and accommodate re-scheduling if I have spaces and if your booked space can be filled. Aylsham Dog Training reserves the right to move classes or 121s to Zoom or other online methods should COVID restrictions or weather conditions dictate it. If your dog has any allergies or intolerance's it is your responsibility as the owner to manage these. Aylsham Dog Training will try and accommodate any special needs but cannot be held responsible as the classes are not held in a sterile environment. If the allergies or intolerance's are severe you may wish to consider alternative training methods. What personal data do we collect? We hold your contact details such as name, email address, telephone numbers, address, pet details and potentially information on lifestyle depending on which service is required. Why we collect your data and how it is stored? We ask for contact details so that if there is an issue with classes you can be contacted, or if there is an emergency whilst your dog is in our care. Addresses may also be needed for behavioural consults and dog walking so that we know where to come! Pet information is required to be able to provide a good level of service and offer the appropriate products. All data is stored electronically on a Cloud with password access required. Hard copies are also stored in a locked and secured premise. Who will your data be shared with? Only your instructor/walker will see your data and it will not be shared with anyone else outside of Aylsham Dog Training. If your dog ever becomes ill during walks or classes, we may share your and your pets' details with the vets to help treat them. How long will your data be stored and how is it deleted? Your data is kept for 7 years, after 7 years it is shredded. At your request we can hand back any questionnaires if you no longer want us to hold your data.Your data will never be passed on to any third party or any other person. We may contact your for marketing purposes.

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