A Little About Myself

My name is Rebecca Littler and I run Aylsham Dog Training. I have had a passion for dogs for as long as I can remember; I currently have a Show Cocker Spaniel,  a German Shepherd x Malamute and a Working Cocker Spaniel which take up a lot of my time! 

The reason I got into training was because of my German Shepherd - Shay! He is the original Loveable Rogue and he certainly hasn't been an easy ride! I was adamant he was the dog for us and that I needed to transform into the owner for him. I had to learn, change and develop alongside Shay which has, in turn, led me to where I am today! If I can help just one family change their mind about rehoming a dog due to behavioural struggles then I will achieve my dream. 

I still invest a lot of my time and money into keeping up to date with modern training methods, behavioural studying and career development to ensure I am providing the best service I can. I started by completing a Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma. I then completed the Pro Dog Trainer course through AbsoluteDogs. Recently, I have attended numerous seminars and practical courses through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and passed their assessment with Distinction in July 2019. I am also on the IMDTB mentor scheme this year (2019) and start my Level 5 certificate in September 2019. Lastly, I have also qualified to be a Dog Training College 'Approved Instructor'. I try to continually develop my knowledge and skills. Just like I say to my students - learning is never done!  I always knew office work wasn't for me and I feel incredibly lucky to be working, living and breathing within my passion today. 

Aylsham Dog Training is the home of the Lovable Rogue and is one of the few training centers in North Norfolk that openly welcomes and invites dogs and owners with behavioural struggles! We use modern, positive-reward based training methods to achieve real-life results. We are not just your average dog business! Just like our walks, the training is no walk in the park. Loveable Rogue training is simple but not always easy! Whereas our walking is pain-free and easy for the owners, but not always simple for our walkers! We like to pride our selves on being a premium service and you won’t find us doing laps in any recreational grounds in the area!

Meet The Team

Get to Know Us

Amy Smith

Adventurer & Instructor

I have worked for many years in animal welfare, mainly horse behaviour and rehabilitation. But dogs have always been a huge importance in my life having grown up with them. I currently own two German shepherds, Lexi & Logan who are both Loveable Rogues and are a real inspiration behind my passion. Since having the privilege of owning reactive and emotionally challenged dogs...they have taught me so much and I realised a career with dogs was the right path for me to follow and something I have developed a real passion and understanding for, and continue to further my knowledge in with continual training development courses.

Joanne Smith

Rally Obedience Instructor

My partner and I share our lives with two loving, intelligent, hardworking and hilarious canines. Who also happen to be Loveable Rogues! Both Ollie and Jake are over ten years old and during these years, with their help, I've learned so much about dogs and training. 


We have had a go at most things from confidence building courses and T-Touch to Flyball, Agility, Heelwork to Music even a little Parkour. 


Rally Obedience has been the perfect fit for us. Fun, relaxed, low-stimulation yet keeps all our brains working and we can easily practice around the house or on walks. 

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