Charlotte Wilson

Best thing I ever did was go to Rebecca for the loveable rogues course. I have a small dog who we believe has little dog syndrome. She is also quite nervous around new people and other dogs. Rebecca taught us together how to manage Bella around other dogs/people and gave us more confidence to approach situations head on. We had a little test a couple of weeks ago as it was National Bring Your Dog to Work day. I'm the only person in the office who has a dog and thought it would be a good experience for her. I have never been so proud. She was nervous to start with and I used all the techniques that Rebecca taught to calm her down and get her focus back on me. She got so comfortable that she started to play in the office and even went for a walk with staff at lunch. I'm so pleased that I went on this course with Bella. Best decision I ever made and would definitely recommend it - I have spent a fortune in chicken since but totally worth it. Thank you so much Rebecca for doing this course and being patient and a brilliant teacher!

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